Whether you’re heading to the range or hunting for the weekend, shooting is a fun experience. But we all know the feeling after spending a few hours shooting a rifle or shotgun. You can be left uncomfortable and maybe a little sore. Thankfully, some tools can help make you a little more comfortable during your next range day. Here are five things to pack alongside your rifle case before heading out.

Find Ear Protection That Feels Comfortable to You

Choosing ear protection often comes down to personal preference. For some people, in-ear buds are incredibly comfortable, while over-the-ear muffs are better for others. Find what works best for you. What matters most is they protect your ears from the loud shots at a gun range while staying protected for an extended period of time.

Earmuffs should be adjustable, padded, and fit snugly over your ears. Ear plugs should be easy to put in, made from soft foam or silicone gel, and do not put too much pressure on your ear canal. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so try a few options until you find the right one for your needs.

Get Eye Protection That Suits Your Needs

You should wear eye and ear protection every time you shoot. However, there are still ways that you can make both more comfortable. For starters, you should get safety glasses that fit comfortably. If you wear prescription glasses, look for safety glasses that can fit over your current pair.

Also, if you wear earmuffs for ear protection, find a style of glasses designed to fit comfortably under the ear cups so you can keep ear pinching to a minimum. Other features like a rubber guard, padded nose and temple, and UV protection can result in a comfortable pair of safety glasses.

Make Sure You Have a Quality Gun Sling

A premium sling for rifle owners can make a huge difference when carrying your firearm. Instead of leaving the range or hunting trip with a sore shoulder and neck, you’ll feel good enough to keep hiking or shooting for a few more hours.

You want something lightweight yet durable, with swivels tested to handle hundreds of pounds. After that, look for other comfort-enhancing features like padding, rubber grip, and one-hand adjustable straps. Together, these details can help you make the most out of your shooting experience.

A Recoil Reducing Shooting Rest Transforms the Shooting Experience

Recoil can be one of the most draining parts of shooting. Regardless of how experienced you are, a shooting rest with recoil reduction features is one of the best ways to improve your shooting experience or sight in your rifle if you want to dial in your accuracy and reduce any variables, including recoil.

While a shooting rest is built to improve accuracy and keep you shooting straight, it can also help you stay comfortable when firing off dozens or hundreds of rounds. A steel-framed, rubberized, and foam-padded boot can help absorb the shock from even the highest caliber firearms. You’ll stay comfortable, fire more accurately, and have a blast with your favorite guns.

Make a Comfortable Choice with Shooting Vests

It’s more than just a fashion statement; shooting vests come with a variety of different features to help make your experience more comfortable.

The main benefit is the shoulder pad. It provides extra cushioning against the butt of your rifle or shotgun. There are also pockets for carrying your additional accessories and gear. Finally, the best vests are made from a polyester and cotton blend that keeps you cool and a mesh back that promotes airflow.

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