Whether you’re out hunting or going to the range, chances are you will need to put your rifle or shotgun down at some point. While you can easily slip a handgun into your holster, rifles are a little different. What are the best ways to carry your long guns when you need to go hands-free or when you need to transport them to and from the range or hunting location? Here’s what you need to know about transporting your long guns, from a sling for rifle shooters to a sock for your shotgun.

Single-Point Sling

One of the two most common types of slings is the single-point sling. As the name suggests, the single-point sling is a sling connected to a single point on the rifle. These often hang lower than a double-point sling but are incredibly simple to use. If your only concern is keeping your rifle close, this may be for you. They often connect to a swivel, though some guns like ARs may have specific sling points built in, depending on the furniture.

Double-Point Sling

Double-point slings are likely the most popular rifle slings for most shooters. They attach to two points on the rifle, often either the handguard or front of the receiver and at the castle nut or back of the stock. Different rifles may have different sling points, and some may offer multiple points, giving you more mounting options depending on your personal preferences. Double-point slings often have a slider to adjust the length of the sling quickly, depending on the situation. Other double-point slings instead have a generous shoulder pad, which makes it more comfortable to carry your rifle over long stretches of rough terrain.

Gun Sock

A gun sock is perfect when you need a quick option for protecting your gun while out at the range. If you are bringing multiple firearms, it helps protect them from knocking into and scratching each other. They are an easy, economical way of protecting your guns as you drive to your destination. They are also great for storage at home as they can stop moisture from getting to the rifle. Be sure the gun is dry going in unless you have a moisture-wicking sock.

Gun Carrying Case

Another option for transporting between your home and the range or hunting ground is a gun case. A rifle or shotgun case is often rugged and may come with pockets for storing additional items. This could be hearing and eye protection, extra shells or mags, or other small accessories. It provides better protection than socks and usually has sturdy carrying handles. This makes it more convenient when setting up at the range. This is also easier if your gun has a scope, as there are gun cases that leave room for a scope while a sock must form over it.

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