No matter your firearm experience, having a safe place to store them is critical to being a responsible gun owner. Whether you live alone or with others, you want to know that your firearms are safe from unauthorized access. Here are some of the best ways to safely store your firearms, from lockable gun cases to investing in a suitable gun safe.

Research Quality Gun Cases

One of the easiest, safest, and most affordable ways to store your firearms is to look into the plethora of gun cases on the market. Gun cases come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and material options, designed to fit virtually any firearm. Lockable rifle and shotgun cases remain popular choices for hunters and gun collectors, as the additional pockets and attached slings make transporting and storing their weapons and accessories much easier.

For gun owners who prefer something more compact, a quality pistol case can be found just as readily. Popular cases include durable fabrics like Endura, while the best pistol cases will offer thermo-molded exoskeletons, lockable zippers, and padded interiors to protect firearms from dings or scratches. All in all, it’s important to find a gun case that works for your weapon. Do your research on manufacturers. With so many options to choose from, it pays to be picky.

Find a Suitable Trigger Lock

Another simple and affordable option for securing your guns is to find a suitable trigger lock. While many new weapons include these devices directly from the manufacturer or dealer, not every gun owner will have one, especially if they purchased their firearm secondhand.

That being said, it’s important to note that, like gun cases, there are different kinds of trigger locks. You can opt for a trigger shoe that will clamp down around the trigger or trigger housing to prevent it from being manipulated. Alternatively, cable locks will block the action of a firearm, preventing the action of shotguns and rifles from being closed. When used with a semi-automatic pistol, they can prevent the magazine from being loaded or the slide from fully cycling.

Invest in a Gun Safe

For many gun owners, a gun safe is often one of their first considerations for storage. After all, a well-built gun safe will often be fireproof and theft-proof, meaning there’s an excellent chance of keeping firearms out of unwanted hands.

A gun safe also makes the most practical sense for gun owners with several firearms in their collection. They’re available in many shapes and sizes and often feature a host of cool options, ranging from biometric fingerprint access to key fobs, bracelets, or good old-fashioned combination locks. More importantly, a gun safe can be combined with any of the above methods for gun storage, making it a valuable consideration whether or not you plan to upgrade your gun collection in the future.

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